Monthly Report - OCTOBER 2021

Greens - The greens have been sprayed with pro wet evolve wetting agent. They have been sprayed with mantle water soluble manganese, zinc, magnesium and harpin plant elicitor. This product stimulates the plants natural defence mechanisms against turf diseases. Acelepryn has been sprayed on the greens to help control leatherjackets and a 4.0.4. plus 9% iron has been applied to the greens to harden the turf over the autumn and winter period and control moss. Our own independent organic matter testing of the greens has confirmed that the organic matter on our greens has increased significantly over the covid-19 period due to relaxing our verti-cutting and sanding work over this period. We will get the organic matter back under control with our new scarifying and verti-cut units as well as aeration work and regular sand top dressing of the greens.

Surrounds and Approaches - The surrounds and approaches are being solid tined with 8mm diameter solid tines.

Tees - The tees have been solid tined with 8mm solid tines and have been divot filled and top dressed with sand.

Fairways - The fairways are being solid tined with 18mm diameter tines and are being divot filled when time allows.

Cut and Collect - We have started our cut and collect and scarification work on the rough around the course.

Preferred Lies - Preferred lies were introduced on Monday the 11th of October.

General - The rest of the work which will take place over this period will be mowing and general course maintenance.


Greens - The greens will be scarified to reduce the organic matter in the top 12mm of the greens. Greens will be overseeded with a mixture of browntop bent and fine fescue the seed will be coated with mycorrizal fungi which will aid germination and support and develop the finer grasses on the greens. The greens will be sarel rolled, solid tined and top dressed with sand. While we are carrying out these tasks on the greens play will have to be to a temporary green to allow staff to carry out the work efficiently and allow golfers to play to a temporary green unhindered. We will be off one green at a time and when work on that green is completed play will return to the main green. Weather permitting the greens will be treated with the dry-ject machine. This work will take place on Thursday the 18TH of November and may take two days to complete depending on the weather. Play will be to a temporary green while each green is being worked on. As there will be two machines working on this task we will be off two main greens at the same time while carrying out this work.

Winter/Temporary Greens - Mow, prepare and mark out winter/temporary greens for use in frost and inclement weather conditions and to help with staff productivity on certain job.

Surrounds and Approaches - Solid tine, slit tine and top dress surrounds and approaches.

Tees - Solid tine, slit tine and divot fill the tees.

Fairways - Solid tine divot fill and spray the fairways with iron.Terra-rake the fairways to remove moss.

Carry - Scarify, solid tine, seed and top dress the carry with sand.

Rough - Cut, collect and terra rake the rough around the course.

9th Tee - Renovate the back 9th tee.

Car Park - Source quotes for upgrading the car park.

Winter Programme - Start our agreed winter programme.

General - The rest of the work which will take place over this period will be general course maintenance.